Delicious snacks for healthy eating
Healthy food is a very important component of the consumer culture for contemporary people. Everybody, irrespective of age and social status, is concerned about ecologically clean food. The target of the GREENSHIRE GROUP business activity (GreenShire trademark) is production only of natural and healthy products. The product line is oriented for those customers who particularly appreciate naturality of the ingredients and follow the world trends of healthy food.
Promotion of quality products and cooperation in the international market is the company's priority.

Greenshire Group is a partner of the Russian Export Center. The company is included in the federal register of Russia of reliable export suppliers. The company became number one in the "Exporter of the Year 2021" competition in the Krasnodar Territory - one of the leaders in Russia in the export of food products.

Every year, GreenShire products are presented at the largest international and Russian food exhibitions as well as at the business missions and find their customers and partners in different parts of the world.

FOOD2CHINA EXPO, ICF, PRODEXPO, WorldFood, SIAL - several of them. The company has been exporting its products since 2019

GreenShire's product line
APPLE CHIPS with different tastes
- sweet and sour, honey, cinnamon
- with caramel, milk and dark chocolate
- no preservatives
- 100% natural

Natural BANANA CHIPS with different tastes
- with sea salt, garlic and paprika, maple syrup
- no preservatives
- 100% natural
PASTILA - fruit snack:
snack from fresh berries and fruits
- no sugar
- no preservatives
- 100% natural
- vitamins and trace elements
Dessert-snack AppleCake
- flour free
- no preservatives
- 100% natural
- vitamins and trace elements
Berry and nut mixes
- vitamins
- minerals, fiber
- 100% natural
Solid Honey or Honey Drops
-vitamins, minerals, fiber
- 100% natural
- natural antiseptic, source of antioxidants
Nuts and berries in yoghurt and chocolate glaze
- unusual dragees, different colors, shiny and mother-of-pearl, tropical colors
Chocolate with berries, fruits and nuts
- fruit and berry chocolate
- handmade chocolate truffles
- kids and sports line

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