Honey Drops- is an exclusive product from Russia
Solid Honey or Honey Drops is an exclusive product for the European market. This product line has no analogues in the world in terms of the richness of the assortment.

A special dehydration technology turns natural liquid honey into solid in the form of lozenges, and the addition of essential oils, natural berry and fruit juices or herbal extracts gives the product unique healing and flavoring properties.

The completely natural product now has a convenient form and can be used as useful in delicious lollipops for children and adults, for colds, to increase immunity, to increase concentration and energy.
Advantages and Features
  • 100% natural
  • increases immunity
  • vitamins and minerals
  • helps with sore throat
  • natural antiseptic, source of antioxidants
  • 99% honey
Classic line of Honey Drops- HONEYWAY
Solid honey with sage
Ingredients: Natural honey, sage leaf extract, sage oil, menthol, beeswax
Solid honey with raspberries and chamomile
Ingredients: honey, raspberry fruit extract, chamomile flower extract,beeswax
Solid honey with menthol and eucalyptus
Ingredients: Natural honey, menthol, eucalyptus oil, beeswax
Solid honey with sea buckthorn and orange
Ingredients: honey, sea buckthorn extract, orange essential oil, beeswax
Solid honey Lemon and ginger
Ingredients: Natural honey, concentrated lemon juice, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), ginger root extract, lemon oil, beeswax.

Blister 10 drops – 30 gr
Shelf life 24 months
ENERGY solid honey line

Solid honey ENERGY black coffee honey, freeze-dried coffee, guarana extr
Ingredients: act, leuzea extract, natural coffee flavor, beeswax.

Solid honey ENERGY lime + menthol
Ingredients: honey, concentrated lemon juice, guarani extract, leuzea extract, menthol, lime essential oil, beeswax

Blister 6 drops – 18 gr
Shelf life 24 months
HONEY PANT line (with pantohematogen) for Men's and Women's health
The composition includes pantohematogen (an extract from the antlers of the Altai maral), extracts of herbs and plants. This composition has a synergistic effect, which has a beneficial effect on male and female health.

100% natural product
Solid honey HONEY PANT ULTRA MEN for male strength and health.
Solid honey HONEY PANT VITA WOMEN, for women's health and beauty.
Blister 12 drops – 36 gr
Shelf life 24 months
KIDS honey line

- Honey lozenges
- Honey syrup
- Honey gummies

- 100% natural product
- natural antiseptic
- source of antioxidants
- vitamins and minerals
- increases immunity

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