Natural fruit and berry confitures, jams and marmalade.
Delicious and fragrant bouquet of vitamins in a convenient form for a healthy diet and excellent mood

Our products contain only natural ingredients - berries, fruits, sugar, spices and citrus pectin. This is an excellent dessert for tea, an accompaniment to fresh pastries, cheeses with wine, and even meat dishes. Complete naturalness of the composition and various, sometimes unexpected combinations of components - the secret of the success of the jams and marmalades of this line.
About product and production
The variety and originality of the gustatory line is the result of the co-authorship of a whole team of confectionery technologists.
The main secret of preparing the product in a gentle heat treatment, which allows you to preserve a significant part of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances of berries and fruits that make up our jams. Our products are cooked in vacuum plants, which results in products with a natural smell and color, while maintaining the aroma and taste of fresh berries and fruits.
In our jams, jams and marmalades
No dyes
No preservatives
No gluten

How to use and sales channels
-Traditional retail
-Healthy Food Networks
-Single store
-Coffee shops, cafes, restaurants
-Canteens and snack bars
Exclusives for HoReCa
Along with the variety of flavors, new possibilities for experimentation appear. Brand chefs will easily find new options and opportunities to transform their dishes with new flavors using our jams. Our team, having its own production at its disposal, can develop exclusive tastes and implement projects under your own trademark in a short time, replenishing your product portfolio with a high-quality and tasty product.

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